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Hello! I'm Adebowale

I am a Digital Transformation Consultant, Educator, and Researcher.


Over the past decade, my teams have successfully automated more than 100 business processes across four Nigerian banks. This has resulted in verifiable cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and the achievement of other strategic business goals.

As a researcher, my interests broadly include the societal impact of digital technologies. I am particularly interested in how digital technologies can be used by businesses to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

My recent research projects include:

  • Living Innovation is an EU Horizon 2020 project that seeks to co-create a home of the future.

  • REBOUND, a project that helped SMEs in East Midlands, UK, to leverage digital technologies to recover from the negative impacts of the pandemic.

  • Active-DT is a project that examines how SMEs in Nigeria are digitally transforming.

  • East Midlands Accelerator, aimed at enhancing the growth of local small businesses in Leicester. One of these interventions involves designing, developing, and delivering four bite-size modules to address the digital skills gap.

  • Office for Student (OfS, UK) Short Course Challenge, where we developed six higher education distance learning short courses at level 4. The courses are intended to assist individuals with reskilling or retraining, as well as provide pathways for further qualifications.

  • Design360 is a project that explores how cultural mindsets influence the use of digital technologies by African Caribbean small business entrepreneurs in Leicester, UK.

I am passionate about supporting small businesses in developing country settings, particularly as businesses become more receptive to digital technologies. I provide strategic leadership for the Design360 project, which is aligned with my vision to see a vibrant and inclusive small business entrepreneurship ecosystem for African Caribbean people in developed countries.

Presently, I support the development and execution of initiatives that close the digital skill gap in the UK, the East Midlands region in particular. Such initiatives include Knowledge Transfers Programs (KTPs), Continuous Professional Development (CPDs),  Digital Skills Partnerships (DSPs), and Apprenticeships. Moreover, I am the curriculum lead for the OfS Short Course Challenge project

With regard to teaching and learning, I lead Data Scientist and Data Analyst Apprentice programmes; I also function as a module leader for a few undergraduate and post-graduate modules such as human factors in systems design, digital commerce, global web, ICT for development, and programming with API.

I am passionate about Digital Transformation, especially as it affects people, processes, and products. mentoring comes naturally to me, and I love to make a positive impact on everyone that comes across my path as much as I could.

Team Meeting
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Adebowale Owoseni, Ph.D, SFHEA, MBCS

Digital Transformation Consultant, Educator, and Researcher

Welcome to my personal website, where I share the transformative journey that led me from a thriving 13-year career in fintech to the dynamic world of academia. My roles within the fintech industry were instrumental in driving digital transformation initiatives, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of data and digital investments.


Since my academic inception in 2019, my focus has gravitated toward making significant contributions to the spheres of education, research, and practical application. This orientation is particularly directed at comprehensively examining the social and economic ramifications of digital technologies within the contexts of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as developing countries. In addition, I have the privilege of spearheading a Data Scientist Apprenticeship Program at De Montfort University, UK, while concurrently serving as an Independent Endpoint Assessor for Digital Technology Solutions Professional Apprenticeships at Roehampton University, UK, and undertaking the role of an External Examiner for the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Personal Philosophy
Actions are seeds
2019- Date

Senior Lecturer in  Information System

Programme Lead, Data Analyst & Data Scientist Apprentischips


School of Computer Science and Informatics

Computing Engineering and Media Faculty


Lead, Core Programmer | Software Engineer


Development Operations (DevOps)

Information Technology


Volunteer | Adjunct Course Facilitator


Faculty of Science

Lagos Study Center


Business Analyst | Software Engineer


Beespoke Application Development

Information Technology


Business Process Analyst | Software Engineer


Solutions Delivery, Information Technology


Software Engineer



Automatons for Schools/Professional Institutions


Postgraduate Diploma, Academic Practice


Leicester, United Kingdom

PGD, Academic Practice


Ph.D. Information Systems


Pretoria, South Africa


Executive MBA (Information Technology)


Lagos, Nigeria


MSc Computer Informatics


BTech Computer Engineering


Karlsfrona, Sweden


Ogbomoso, Nigeria

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Book Chapter​s
  • Owoseni, A., & Tolani, A., (2023). How to research small and micro businesses. In Sage Business Cases. SAGE Publications, Ltd., Click here 

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  • Olaniyan, F. M. A. & Owoseni, A. (2022). Toward Improved Data Quality in Public Health: Analysis of Anomaly Detection Tools Applied to HIV/AIDS Data in Africa. IST Africa Conference, May 2022, South Africa, pp.1–9. Click here

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  • Flick, C., Owoseni, A., Fisk, M. & Firth, R. (2021). Visualizing home technologies of the future: a report from Leicester diverse communities. ETHICOMP2021 conference. Click here

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  • Programming (C#)

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) using Blueprism BOTs

  • Application Architecture,

  • System Analysis

  • Software Project Management (DevOps/Agile)

  • Requirements Engineering 

  •  Digital Transformation,  Digital Culture, Digital Skills

  • Change Management, Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Requirements Management

  • ICT for Development,  Digital Platforms, 

  • Agile/Scrum Project Management

  • Training and Facilitation

  • Curriculum Design 

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis using Atlas.ti, Nvivo, SPSS 24, Amos 24, Tableau, SmartPLS, Minitab 18

  • People/Team Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mentoring / Life Skill Coach

  • C-Suite  Engagement

Nature Walking (Woods/Waterside)   |   Traveling   |   Watching Video Documentaries   |   Playing Tennis  

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