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Birth of New Seasons

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Man is designed to live through phases and seasons of life. The purpose of a man's life does not change but his assignments towards purpose exist in phases which represents seasons of his life. As bits and pieces of jigsaw puzzle fits together to make a sensible image, so is the fulfillment of purpose depends on successful transitions between life assignments ...usually presented as phases and seasons of life. For clarity, the purpose of a man is the unique reason why that man exists. Therefore, I am addressing that man who knows the reason for his existence but seem overwhelmed or at crossroads about how to transit from where he is to where he should be in life. In addition, I have used the word "Man" as generic substitute for human, so the message of this article wont be considered gender biased.

The birth of a new season is like the birth of a new born baby. It goes through conception, pregnancy and labor processes with evident experience. New seasons often don't appear suddenly, they are processed. Having roots in the invisible, shaping the visible.

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Conception Experience

This is when the that idea of a new phase drops in your mind, perhaps as a thought, as a need or a burden. What usually precede conception experience is "unsettledness", the feeling that your current "status" is conquered, the need and thirst for something more. Vision and insight and attentiveness are crucial attributes for this fertilization experience. Little wonder why some don't have capacity to conceive ideas, they are trapped and caged on same assignment for a lifetime.

Pregnancy Experience

This is a preparation phase for the new season or new phase, at this time there exists much assault on your thought and mind. This is evident because you are the only one that sees that we season, doubts, unbelief, discouragement, fear and worry are key factors that miscarry or abort the pregnancy of the new seasons. It is not sufficient that you have a picture of desired future (next phase), you need to brood on it, pray about it, act it, and speak it to existence. Pregnancy experience is not the same for everyone, it perhaps depend on who and what is being carried ( at pregnancy) which represents the magnitude of the next season... elephants carry pregnancy for 95 weeks, while mice carry it's own for 3 weeks, sometime it depends on the container and then content.

Labor Experience

Some go through labor effortlessly, same does exists when people transit seasons effortlessly, that is the ideal. But sometime you need to fight for what belongs to you. Sometime the pregnancy has to be induced, some has to be operated, before the baby is birthed. These is not even the risks of the experience. Transiting new phase in life means multiplication, expansion, growth, and positive impact. There exists the risk of stillbirth - losing the mother and the baby or the mother or the baby. Have you ever seen NGOs created in memory of someone, and the NGO ends up making more impact than the entire life time of the departed person? That's an example of what happens when new season came to life but the bearer is lost in the labor process.

Think about these things, I don't know the phase of birth season you are, but in all phases - divine help is required. As i conclude these words of affirmation came to mind:

  • I transit life phases successfully

  • My vision is not be aborted

  • My purpose is be truncated

  • I know what to do per time

  • I have courage to do what I know and need to do per time.

  • This one life I have will be lived on purpose.

  • I won't die a gold mine, I release my potentials to the world.

  • Divine mercy shows up for me, and my efforts are magnified by divine grace.

  • I light my world and salt my generation.

Adebowale writes...

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